Sunday Program

The Radha Govinda Temple Sunday Program

Every Sunday at the Radha Govinda Temple, we have a Bhakti Yoga program for our community. Come and join us in chanting, kirtan, sankirtan, devotional dancing, feasting, and the celebration of love for God. It is a lively atmosphere where all can celebrate the glories of Lord Krsna with other members of the Vaisnava community. Everyone is welcomed, and also encouraged to bring their own vegetarian preparations for the feast!

Sunday Program Schedule

4:00 pmKirtan with the Kirtaniyas
5:00 pmVideo (Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada)
5:30 pmBhakti Yoga Lecture
6:00 pmArati Puja
6:30 pmVegetarian Love Feast
7:30 pmOpen Kirtan Jam with the Kirtaniyas: Bring your instruments and inspirations!

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